50 Cent in Eastenders? @50cent

Ok just when I thought there was more than enough drama in Albert SQ. News comes in that US rapper 50 Cent, real name “Curtis Jackson” is set to make a guest appearance in the hit soap. I really can not wait to witness the madness that occurs in that episode.

Source: MTV.CO.UK

50 Cent will be making a cameo in Eastenders after bosses of the BBC show invited him to make a guest appearance.
Fiddy, who has previously claimed to be a fan of the soap is apparently excited about filming his scenes but it upset that The Vic landlady, Peggy Mitchell (played by Barbara Windsor), will not be on set after she quit the show last Friday.
The Baby By Me rapper revealed to The Mirror: “I really wanted Peggy to throw me out of her pub, but I didn’t get it organised quick enough and it’s too late now,”
He added: “I’ve performed with Eminem and Justin Timberlake, acted with De Niro and Pacino, had a guest spot on The Simpsons – in the U.S. a sign that you’ve made it to the very top, but I can’t fulfill my biggest showbiz dream.


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