Lil Wayne Sued!! Read Now!!!

The music industry is no stranger to lawsuits. Lil Wayne is still incarcerated but is being hit with yet another lawsuit regarding unpaid royalties.

Peep game

*Lil Wayne is set to be served with a summons to court while he’s still behind bars.

Michael “Mali Boi” Bradford alleges he hasn’t received royalty payments for creating the beat to Lil Wayne’s hit single “Mrs. Officer,” according to USA Today.

The producer claims he was responsible for coming up with the beat, five years before it was reworked by Deezle, who was given a producer’s credit for the song.

Weezy is due to receive the complaint for copyright infringement and a federal court summons before he’s scheduled to finish his bid in New York’s Rikers Island prison next month. The rapper began a year-long sentence in March after pleading guilty to gun possession charges.

Deezle is also suing Lil Wayne for not receiving royalty payments for the same “Mrs. Officer” beat.

[Source: Media Outrage]


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